Boys of Bangladesh (BoB)

Boys of Bangladesh (BoB) started its journey as an on-line Yahoo group in late 2002 with aims such as bringing together the isolated gay men in Bangladesh, creating a platform where gay men can help each other come to terms with their sexuality by sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences and ultimately building a gay society based on friendship and solidarity. With years of consistent work, this group has become the largest and the most active network for gay men in Bangladesh. This non-profit and non-funded group is moderated by a team of volunteers, selected from the group members.

In addition to the on-line presence, BoB organizes get-togethers, film shows, picnics, parties etc. These social events give them a sense of belonging, which helps boost their self-esteem.

Recently BoB has started to fill up the vacuum of gay activism in Bangladesh with the believe that it is essential to have a strong united LGBT community before actually striving for acceptance and equality. Hence community mobilizing and strengthening is on the top of its agenda.

Welcome to BoB, where we firmly believe that together we can make a difference for us.

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Boys of Bangladesh (BoB)

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