Hamburger Mary's Fundraiser

Come out and play Bingo with us to support your favorite LGBTQ soccer club! Come for the chance to win some amazing prizes and have the entire restaurant throw their ballots and shame you Cersei Lannister style! Can you think of a better way to spend your Funday night?

组织者 West Hollywood Soccer Club


2019年 8月14日,20:00


Hamburger Mary's
8288 Santa Monica Blvd
CA 90026  West Hollywood
Los Angeles2019 Weho Sports Festival- Soccer从2019年11月 1日到 5月30日(男同性恋, 女同性恋, 异性恋友好, 双性恋 体育运动)
2019 Weho Sports Festival- Soccer
体育运动 / 男同性恋, 女同性...  

从2019年11月 1日到 5月30日
Intramural Field @ UCLA (Los Angeles)


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