Gay Ski Week QT 2018, 1 - 8 September 2018, NZ

Gay Ski Week QT is back for 2018 in Queenstown, New Zealand. Come join us and catch up with old friends, make new ones, hit the slopes, wineries, other adventure activities or whatever else catches your fancy. Whether you come for the whole week, a few days or just a long weekend, let's get together and celebrate our community.

We will use this event page to update you on what is confirmed and what we are still trying to plan. So check in on the discussion and on the information in the description section.

Jam-packed with amazing events, including dance parties , apres ski, cabaret and ski and boarding, the festival is the perfect week for people to show their true selves in an accepting, supportive and fun community.

Held annually, Queenstown is one of the best places in the world to host such a festival. As well as being the adventure capital of the world, it’s also a top tourist destination, and is full of supportive local businesses and people who welcome and encourage our community’s growing demographic.

What is Apres Ski?

In a New Zealand context, this is different from in Europe. We are going to give this a really hard push this year, with prizes, happy hour, and live music / DJ's as you rejoin your friends and mountain groups with live music / DJ in a bar which is keen to partner with our Gay Ski Week QT as a pride event. These are early, pre-dinner drinks and should be a lot of fun.

• Event Passes:

There are currently 3 full week passes available: VIP Event Pass, which gives prioritised access to queues and bars, the Maxi Event Pass, and the Mini Event Pass. We also have the Weekender pass now available for those of you who can only come for a few days.

Check the Eventfinda link for specific details on each.

• Discounts

Earlybird passes (limited release) give a 10% discount on standard ticket prices for events.

Standard Event Passes give a 5% discount on included ticket prices.

That's all for now folks. It is going to be epic as usual.

See you all in early September

The Gay Ski Week QT Team: Mike, Martin, Tracey, and Ben.

Gay Ski Week QT is operated and managed by South Pacific Pride Ltd T/A Gay Ski Week QT.

组织者 Winter Pride NZ


从2018年12月 9日到 5月 1日


Gay Ski Week QT

QueenstownOpening Party2018年 8月 1日,20:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
Opening Party
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 8月 1日,20:30
The World Bar (Queenstown)

QueenstownSkyCity Speed Dating2018年 6月 2日,18:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
SkyCity Speed Dating
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 6月 2日,18:30
SKYCITY (Queenstown)

QueenstownGay Ski Week QT - Wild West Party2018年 8月 2日,20:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
Gay Ski Week QT - Wild West Party
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 8月 2日,20:00
Loco Queenstown (Queenstown)

WanakaInternational Day at Cardrona2018年 8月 3日,08:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 节日)
International Day at Cardrona
节日 / 男同性恋, 女同性恋  

2018年 8月 3日,08:00
Cardrona Alpine Resort (Wanaka)

QueenstownQueer Quiz Night2018年 7月 3日,19:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Queer Quiz Night
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 7月 3日,19:00
The Ballarat Trading Co. (Queenstown)

QueenstownCocktail Master Class2018年 7月 3日,19:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Cocktail Master Class
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 7月 3日,19:00
Habana Rum Bar (Queenstown)

QueenstownHike with Pride to Ben Lomond Saddle2018年10月 4日,10:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 体育运动)
Hike with Pride to Ben Lomond Saddle
体育运动 / 男同性恋, 女同性恋  

2018年10月 4日,10:00
Gay Ski Week QT (Queenstown)

QueenstownGibbston Valley Long Lunch2018年11月 4日,11:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Gibbston Valley Long Lunch
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年11月 4日,11:30
Gibbston Valley Wines (Queenstown)

Queenstown"All Hands on Deck" Lake Pride Party Cruise2018年 8月 4日,20:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
"All Hands on Deck" Lake Pride Party Cruise
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 8月 4日,20:00
Southern Discoveries (Queenstown)

QueenstownDoubtful Sound Winter Pride Cruise2018年 6月 5日,06:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 俱乐部/夜总会)
Doubtful Sound Winter Pride Cruise
俱乐部/夜总会 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 6月 5日,06:30
Go Orange (Queenstown)

WanakaOnesie Day at Cardrona2018年 8月 5日,08:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 节日)
Onesie Day at Cardrona
节日 / 男同性恋, 女同性恋  

2018年 8月 5日,08:00
Cardrona Alpine Resort (Wanaka)

QueenstownApres Ski2018年 5月 5日,17:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Apres Ski
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 5月 5日,17:00
Smiths - Craft Beer House (Queenstown)

QueenstownMiss Kola's Cabaret & After Dinner Soiree2018年 6月 5日,18:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Miss Kola's Cabaret & After Dinner Soiree
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 6月 5日,18:30
Bazaar Queenstown (Queenstown)

QueenstownCoalfire Winter Pride Shared Table Dinner2018年 7月 5日,19:00(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Coalfire Winter Pride Shared Table Dinner
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 7月 5日,19:00
Coalfire Queenstown (Queenstown)

QueenstownMiss Kola's Cabaret Soiree2018年 8月 5日,20:30(男同性恋, 女同性恋 下班后的活动)
Miss Kola's Cabaret Soiree
下班后的活动 / 男同性恋, 女...  

2018年 8月 5日,20:30
Reds (Queenstown)


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